Caring for a loved one is challenging and time consuming. Caregivers face this reality alone and with little reliable information.
Are you a caregiver?

Hours per week – time caregivers spend on average taking care of a loved one.


of Seniors today plan to stay in their homes.

Million Americans are expected to need assistance by 2020.


OnGuardian is made with your life in mind. Stay updated and manage your caregiving while saving precious time.
Your family will love you for it; and you will love yourself even more!

We Streamline Caregiving


Simplify how caregivers care for their loved ones by streamlining how support is delivered with a platform that is connected to home control and health monitoring devices.


Inform caregivers through dashboards and notifications about the status of the home and health of their loved ones, react to emergencies and stay updated when needed.


Ensure easy access through a natural non-intrusive and friendly interface for the care recipient using Amazon Echo and Alexa Voice Interface.

Knowledge base

Access relative information, review historical data, search caregiving knowledge base, share experiences with others.


Facilitate the management of daily activities with social and collaboration tools to reach other caregivers and qualified 3rd party service providers


Stay confident with our Concierge Services that provide caregivers and care recipients an added level of assurance that help is always available when needed most.

How it works

Your voice is all you need to request assistance. Our voice interface is simple to use and it is so natural that you’ll be up and running in a snap.


Incoming requests for assistance are immediately delivered to you via our notifications. If you can’t respond immediately, OnGuardian provides a simple way to share this with other family members and 3rd parties.


Put the family back in caregiving.  Share your loved one’s status with your family and keep everyone engaged in their caregiving responsibilities.


Create alerts and reminders to keep everyone on track for activities such as taking medications, visiting the doctor, and home maintenance activities. We remind your loved ones for you.


It can happen to any one of us. OnGuardian can be a valuable tool to help your family during an emergency. We will notify your entire caregiving team and provide details that may help during the crisis.


Fast and convenient access to information that helps with your caregiving. We have done the research for you.

Caregiving Team Management

Teamwork is critical in caregiving. Manage your family caregiving team and collaborate seamlessly.


OnGuardian can learn a lot about your own caregiving situation and provides you with the right tools to register the important information about your loved ones home, health, and other vital information.


Need to have a conversation with your family, friends, and doctors about how the caregiving has been going? We provide reports that can help you explain what’s going on.

Knowledge base

Need to know more? Our caregiving knowledge base will be your first source of relative information on health, caregiving, and life as a caregiver. We have done the research for you.

Always on

With Amazon Echo your loved ones have a convenient hands free alternative to interact with OnGuardian. Echo is always on and ready to help, no matter what.


All you have to do is ask. Alexa’s natural voice interface makes is easy for everyone to talk to Echo and with its far field voice recognition you can be sure that you will be heard when asking for assistance, information, and help with various tasks around the house.


Rest at ease, knowing that should an emergency happen, your loved one does not need to pick up the phone to get help. As long as Echo can hear the call for help, we will immediately take action and notify your caregiving team. Echo will also keep your loved one updated with voice notifications.

Don’t have echo

Don’t have an echo device? Don’t worry, we have many of the voice features built in directly into our mobile app.


  • I want him to be happy and comfortable in his own home with mom for a long as he can. OnGuardian has given me the peace of mind I need while I am travelling to know that my parents are Ok. If anything happens I will know it right away!
    Mark DeGrassi – Caregiver
  • It truly takes a heavy toll on you, when you are caring for someone 24 hours each day. OnGuardian helps me keep our children informed and allows me to ask for help when things get overwhelming.
    Janet Matos – Caregiver
  • OnGuardian has helped my family in coming together as a team for my caregiving. I can just ask for help using my amazon echo, and my kids respond immediately. Now we spend more time talking about the things that really matter, and not so much about my problems.
    Edward Brown – Care Recipient
  • I have learned to be a counselor, cook, banker, chauffeur, nurse and many other things since I have started helping my mom. OnGuardian really helps keep all of these tasks on track.
    Sarah Collins – Caregiver

My dad’s first stroke caught us all by surprise in 2009. Like most caregivers, I was not prepared at all to face the long road ahead. I had just gotten married and had a baby on the way, I had to move cities, change jobs, and completely adjust my own life to the new reality. After my dad’s second stroke, I knew that something needed to be done to help the more than 47 Million caregivers in the United States who go through these same situations every single year. I had to think about how today’s emerging technologies could come together and provide both the caregivers and care recipients a better way to handle these challenges; how it could actually bridge the gap and provide support to the things that matter most in life. Hence, OnGuardian was born.

Daniel Ferraz, Founder

We are working hard to grow our partner network with qualified professionals to assist our caregivers. If you would like to become part of our OnGuardian Caregiving network, lets us know.



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