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My dad’s first stroke caught us all by surprise in 2009. Like most caregivers, I was not prepared at all to face the long road ahead. I had just gotten married and had a baby on the way, I had to move cities, change jobs, and completely adjust my own life to the new reality. After my dad’s second stroke, I knew that something needed to be done to help the more than 47 Million caregivers in the United States who go through these same situations every single year. I had to think about how today’s emerging technologies could come together and provide both the caregivers and care recipients a better way to handle these challenges; how it could actually bridge the gap and provide support to the things that matter most in life. Hence, OnGuardian was born.

Daniel Ferraz, Founder

Our Team

OnGuardian was founded on the principle that we must assist our millions of caregivers in improving their own quality of lives with efficient and straight forward solutions. We envision a way for caregivers to provide better care for their loved ones and continue to live their lives the best possible way with a collaborative support structure and effective tools that will streamline the caregiving ecosystem.

We are integrators, technologists, healthcare professionals, leaders in aging. We are Caregivers!

Daniel Ferraz


For over 20 years Daniel has worked towards breaking new ground in ensuring that technology can be applied in underserved markets around the world. Throughout his career he has spearheaded the creation of technology based start-ups, established the vision, strategy, goals, and in many cases he has driven operations of the various phases of maturity of these companies. Daniel’s diversified background on multiple technologies including software development, cloud services, enterprise security, mission critical infrastructure, service and support management all have contributed to his vision for the integrated approach we are using at OnGuardian. His academic achievements includes a Bachelor’s degree with a major Computer Science from University of Southern California in Los Angeles along with a minor in Multimedia and Integrated Technologies. He has contributed to research done at the Integrated Media Systems Center at USC and is also a member of the National Honor Society. Daniel is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and is actively involved in assisting caregivers and support groups in the greater Houston area. After his father suffered several strokes and was diagnosed with CNS Vasculitis, Daniel decided to look at how current and future technologies could be used to assist in the management of several challenges he was facing as a new caregiver, hence OnGuardian was born.

Ricardo Cidale

Senior Advisor

With 31 years of career and entrepreneurial experience in technology start-ups, businesses planning & management, Austin, Texas-based Ricardo Cidale has held numerous senior-level corporate positions around the world. Alongside superlative academic credentials, he also serves on numerous Boards, is an author, an advocate for environmental protection and remains integrally involved in the Austin community. His roster of high-profile positions includes multiple roles with RealNetworks, Dell Computer Corp., Compaq Computer Corp., and Wild West Software. Among his robust academic achievements, Ricardo earned both an MS degree in Structural Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering (and a minor in Mathematics) from Texas A&M University (where he was an active member of Tau Beta Phi and Chi Epsilon). He also has a Latus Sensus Degree in Corporate Governance from IBMEC. He is also the author of two books, published by McGraw-Hill: “The Wizard of DOS,” an executive guide to MS-DOS and similar operating systems; and “Digital Virus,” an executive guide to computer viruses and their implications to company operations. Among many affiliations in the high-tech industry, he has served as Board Director Ricardo—who has American, Brazilian and Italian citizenship —speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. Away from the office, he is active with Austin’s Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Worries & Wonders Foundation, and the Austin Museum of Modern Art.

Juanita Romans

Senior Advisor

Juanita has over 40 years of experience driving strategic initiatives in leading medical institutions throughout the world. She has been a key player in driving academic and community hospitals to achieve best practices in quality safety and operations. Her specialization includes execution of highly complex strategic plans, strategic and tactical operations planning in universities, medical institutions and allied organizations. She is the founder of the Houston based, Romans Group, which dedicates itself to advising healthcare institutions around the world to create patient centered, quality care. Among her other high profile positions, she has been the CEO of Memorial Hermann Healthcare System for over 10 years. Juanita is active on the board of several organizations in Houston such as Redi Clinics, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the Center for Houston’s Future. Juanita holds a Master’s degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, and her academic achievements include post graduate work at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts. Her professional awards include “Women on the Move, 2007” from Texas Executive Women, “Top 100 Hospitals, 2005-2007” from Solucient/Thomson, “Vista Award, 2007” from the American Society of Healthcare Engineers, and “America’s Best Hospitals” from the US News & World Report.

Sally Hurme

Senior Advisor

Sally Balch Hurme, J.D., has led the national conversation on many of the legal issues of concern to older persons, their families, and their caregivers. Whether the issue is how to make decisions for others or plan for what comes next, she has focused her professional career on explaining the law so everyone can understand it. A lawyer with more than 20 years of experience helping people 50+ understand complex issues, she is quoted frequently in the national media. Hurme is the author of the award winning ABA/AARP Checklist series: Checklist for Family Caregivers, a companion to the PBS documentary Caring for Mom and Dad, Checklist for My Family, and Checklist for Family Survivors, with Get the Most Out of Retirement released in 2017.

Jigar Mistry

Senior Software Architect

Jigar Mistry is a highly accomplished software engineer and project manager hailing from India, with an impressive career spanning back to 2014. His expertise encompasses a wide spectrum of technological solutions, including proficiency in frontend, backend, and mobile app development. Jigar's academic prowess shines through as a three-time gold medalist in B Tech Computer Science Engineering, underscoring his commitment to excellence. Fluent in English, Hindi, and Gujarati, he possesses the linguistic versatility required for seamless global collaboration. Jigar stands out as a leader in the field, consistently pushing boundaries rather than merely following trends. His approach to crafting bespoke software and mobile apps is characterized by the adept utilization of various frameworks and algorithmic strategies, resulting in innovative and efficient solutions. Within the dynamic landscape of technology, Jigar is our beacon of innovation. His unwavering dedication to excellence and multifaceted skill set positions him as the driving force behind our cutting-edge solutions. With Jigar as an integral part of our team, you can anticipate nothing less than technological brilliance.

Shreya Prajapati

Senior Software Developer

Shreya Prajapati is a dynamic software developer specializing in mobile application and Alexa skill development, infused with a profound passion for entrepreneurship. Shreya boasts a substantial track record in software development and has played an instrumental role in the establishment of successful ventures in the software industry. Shreya's leadership style is characterized by a relentless commitment to fostering innovation, nurturing creativity, and promoting collaborative teamwork. Her innate curiosity and steadfast commitment to continuous learning have placed her at the forefront of the rapidly evolving tech landscape. As an enterprising visionary, Shreya continually seeks new horizons, tirelessly striving to redefine the boundaries of technological possibilities. Her entrepreneurial spirit fuels a quest for innovative solutions that push the limits of what can be achieved in the realm of technology. Within the realm of software development, Shreya Prajapati is a formidable force. Her dedication to innovation, coupled with her entrepreneurial acumen, positions her as a prominent leader poised to shape the future of the tech industry.

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