Exciting Update: Unveiling Our Latest Video Overview of OnGuardian for Communities!

We’re thrilled to introduce the new video overview of OnGuardian for Communities! Take a deep dive into the future of community empowerment and caregiving by watching our latest video. Explore how OnGuardian harnesses AI and Amazon Alexa Smart Properties to address Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) with centralized solutions. Our platform is set to redefine […]

OnGuardian supporting Houston’s Bridges Conference

Houston’s Bridges Conference has long been a hub for intellectual exchange and collaboration, fostering innovation and knowledge-sharing in various fields. The success of such an event depends not only on the participants’ passion but also on the steadfast support from organizations that believe in its mission. Among these, OnGuardian has emerged as a significant contributor, […]

Meals on Wheels and OnGuardian

Meals on Wheels for Greater Houston and Galveston County partner’s with OnGuardian for development of innovative solutions to help seniors.

Podcast: How Amazon’s Echo Empowers Family Caregivers

  Join me as OnGuardian founder Daniel Ferraz and I talk about Brazil, his years in Angola, and how an unexpected crisis with his father back home led to the creation of OnGuardian, an advanced solution that empowers family caregivers by streamlining support, collaboration and access to information while providing care recipients with and easy to use voice […]

Setting up Echo for an Elder Loved One

 Setting up Echo for an Elder Loved One     Dance Past Sunset offers useful resources helping people boogaloo into their sunset years with dignity, comfort and safety, either at home, at a care facility, or out there in the wild exploring the wonders of this world. They have created this wonderful guide to assist seniors and their loved ones on how to set up […]