Listen to this Podcast: How Amazon’s Echo Empowers Family Caregivers with OnGuardian Founder Daniel Ferraz

How Amazon’s Echo Empowers Family Caregivers with OnGuardian Founder Daniel Ferraz

by  | Nov 4, 2017

Eps. 40 | Alexa is the hub of a wheel that will help family caregivers improve the way they provide assistance to loved ones needing special care.

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Setting up Echo for an Elder Loved One

 Setting up Echo for an Elder Loved One



Dance Past Sunset offers useful resources helping people boogaloo into their sunset years with dignity, comfort and safety, either at home, at a care facility, or out there in the wild exploring the wonders of this world.

They have created this wonderful guide to assist seniors and their loved ones on how to set up the Amazon Echo.

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User Guide – Registration and Setup

OnGuardian Caregiver Support – User Guide

Set up your account

  1. Download our app from:


  1. Log In with Amazon


Securely connect with Amazon.  To use OnGuardian, you must have an existing Amazon account, OnGuardian uses your existing Amazon user information to provide the most secure login process.  We do not have access to your passwords and the whole login process is handled directly by Amazon.


If you do not already have an existing Amazon Account, you may create one here:


  1. Register your caregiver support team

IMPORTANT: The initial registration should be done by the primary caregiver.  The primary caregiver will be able to manage the care team and is the main contact in the group.

Step 1.  Primary Caregiver Information

Step 2.  Care recipient Information

Step 3.  Add any additional secondary caregivers


Please note:  You must user the email address associated to each user’s amazon account since everyone will log in with Amazon


Once you are done adding your team, you will get a registration complete notification.


  1. Enable the OnGuardian Skill in your Alexa App


Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Search for the OnGuardian Skill and enable it

Step 3. Link your amazon account to the skill


Note:  If your care recipient has an Amazon Alexa device, please make sure you have enable the OnGuardian skill on their Alexa app as well.


You may repeat this step for any other caregivers who want to have access to the OnGuardian skill.


  1. You are all set, and ready to start using OnGuardian.



Please contact our support team if you have any questions or difficulties at









User Guide – User Experience and Commands

How to use OnGuardian


For Care recipients

  1. Start by using your Amazon Alexa device.  You can say:

“Alexa, open OnGuardian”

Your device should respond with a welcome message and some instructions on what you can say, you will be able to tell OnGuardian what you need assistance with or if you have an emergency.  If you need help, just say: “I need help”, and Alexa will guide you through the steps.

A few examples of what you can tell OnGuardian are:

“I have an emergency”

“I don’t feel well”

“I need to fix something”

“Call contact”

Alexa will then give you a list of contacts who are able to receive your message.  Just say their name and Alexa will make sure that they are notified.


Alexa will also understand if you say complete sentences from the very beginning.  For example:

“Alexa, tell OnGuardian that I don’t feel well.”

“Alexa, tell OnGuardian I need to fix my television”


If you have an emergency, OnGuardian can expedite the conversation to immediately notify caregivers.  For example:

“Alexa, tell OnGuardian I have an emergency”

“Alexa, tell OnGuardian that I have fallen”

In these cases, Alexa will immediately notify the caregivers.  Please keep in mind that this is not a replacement for calling 911, and if you have an emergency you should do your best to call 911.


For Caregivers

Open the OnGuardian app on your mobile device, and log in with Amazon.


  • User profile management

o   If you are the primary caregiver, you will be able to edit the details of your care team such as phone number and names, as well as adding new secondary caregivers.

o   If you need update your own email or your care recipient’s email , please contact us at


  • Care Requests Screen

o   New requests and messages that are coming from your care recipients will show up on this screen

o   Critical items and emergencies will automatically appear on the top of the screen, and will be flagged in RED

o   Normal notifications will appear below any critical items, and will be flagged in YELLOW

o   Tap each item to open it and see more details

o   You can acknowledge that you have received the notification by tapping the blue Acknowledge button.  This will let your other caregivers know that you have seen this notification.

o   Once items are acknowledged, they will be moved to the History section of the notifications page, so you may refer to those items in the future.

o   You will also be able to see any other caregivers who have acknowledged the same notification.


  • Push Notifications

o   If you have push notifications enabled on your phone, you will receive notifications for every incoming request.  Once you click on the notification, the OnGuardian App will open and direct you to the details of the notification.


  • Help Section

o   If you need help, click the help Icon on your app to see the User Guide.


  • Log Out

o   To log out of OnGuardian, click the log out button.

Please contact our support team if you have any questions or difficulties at

OnGuardian Selected as Finalist at Aging2.0 Global Startup Search

The 2017 Global Startup Search searched the world for the best aging-focused startups. This year, roughly 300 startups from 17 countries applied to pitch at the 30 Global Startup Search local chapter pitch events. After an impressive series of pitch events in March and April across 12 countries, 29 startups were selected as Semi-Finalists. To learn more about the Semi-Finalists, click here.

We are excited to announce that after Online Voting + Expert Judging, the following startups will be pitching at OPTIMIZE on November 14-15 in San Francisco, California:


OnGuardian Wins Top Prize at Aging2.0 Richmond Global Startup Search

Technology Startup Supporting Family Care Experience Wins Top Prize at Aging2.0 Richmond Global Startup Search

RICHMOND, VA  – An array of startup companies and entrepreneurs gathered in Richmond last week to pitch their new and creative solutions and technological inventions in hopes of eventually being crowned the Aging2.0 2017 Global Start-up Search winner at the Optimize conference, to be held in San Francisco this fall. The winner of the Richmond event was awarded a cash prize as well as the opportunity to move forward in the international competition. OnGuardian Apps, pitched by founder Daniel Ferraz, took the top prize. OnGuardian is an app that helps family caregivers deliver care to their loved ones by streamlining the support processes, communication, access to relative information, and collaboration among the various players involved in the caregiving ecosystem.

This was the fourth pitch event hosted by the Greater Richmond Age Wave Coalition’s Business for Life Action Team, which organizes the local Aging2.0 chapter. On March 15 at Genworth Financial, seven startups pitched to an audience of about 100 investors, care providers, educators, business leaders, students and others. San Francisco-based Aging2.0 has organized the competition to showcase innovative ideas aimed at improving life for older adults. Similar pitch events are being hosted in the coming months by Aging2.0 chapters in more than 40 cities across the world.

We had a packed house full of audience members who were truly wowed by the caliber of the competitors,? said Business for Life Action Team Chair Beth Ludden, a Senior Vice President at Genworth Financial. ?It?s a strong indication of what Richmond has to offer the innovation sphere  especially in this growing industry. The energy in that room was electrifying.