Custom Development

Develop special applications, skills, and functionality on top of Amazon Alexa and its Smart Properties framework.

Build custom applications, integrations, and skills

accelerate your ambient computing strategy by leveraging the power of alexa

We are an official Amazon Alexa Solution Provider, developing Alexa centric applications, solutions, and integrations since 2016.  


Our Skills Development Portfolio

OnGuardian for Communities skill delivers dynamic content originating from videos, audio, information, and surveys along with with a care coordination feature to allow community members to access information to support their wellbeing and improvements in their social determinants of health.

<> Technology Stack<>
Node JS, ASK SDK, Mantine JS, React JS, Deno JS, MongoDB, Alexa Hosted Skill, Amazon S3, AWS, Amazon SNS, Multimodal Responses, Alexa Presentation Language
Keep up with todays’ leading business insights and tomorrow’s industry movers by following brings you voice activated press releases effortlessly read out loud to you with a simple command.

Technology Stack<>Node JS, Alexa Hosted Skill,  AWS Lambda
The news skill with a Podcast Player by parsing data from RSS feed from multiple sources of news feeds with meta data of audio like background image, audio icon. Say Alexa, Next or Previous for playing next and previous audio if available.

<> Technology Stack<>
Node JS, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB AudioPlayer, Alexa Presentation Language, XML Parser
Workiz Easy is a Software for On-Demand Service Businesses to Schedule jobs, get paid in the field and grow your business with Workiz field service software, trusted by over 43,027 service pros. Created a skill for Technicians allowing: Open jobs & its details Reschedule jobs Send message to Client

<> Technology Stack<>
Node JS, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Alexa Customer Profile API, Twilio SMS Service, Workiz REST Api

Task Unify is a free, simply powerful management of your most important things. Now have Alexa notify you when you have a reminder set so you never miss your most important things.
Try to your notifications by saying, “Alexa, ask Custom Notification to get my notification”.

<>Technology Stack<>
Node JS, AWS Lambda, Acount Linking, Reminders, Alexa Customer Profile API, Alexa Notifications API, REST API

33Shake’s sports nutrition & training tips updates deliver regular, bite-sized morsels of training and racing excellence for runners, cyclists and triathletes of all levels. Whether it’s how to perfect your diet for race day, the best ways to improve fat adaption, or simply the newest and best mental and training protocol changes you can use to improve your performance – this show has your back! Because at 33Shake our mission is simple: deliver HUGE value to endurance athletes. We do that here sharing the latest advice & motivation and we do it at with our unique & powerful natural nutrition products for endurance athletes. Try to open podcast by saying, “Alexa, open thirty three shake”.

<>Technology Stack<>
Node JS, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3 AudioPlayer, Alexa Presentation Language
WorkDay – The finance, HR, and planning system for a changing world. Created a skill to find you manager ID using your employee ID.

<>Technology Stack<>
Node JS, AWS Lambda Alexa Customer Profile API, WorkDay SOAP Api
Prisom Technology skill is usefull for customers who want to develop custom software applications as per requirements to serve with strategic benefits. The simple voice interaction skill to know about the company, providing services and contact via email about Prisom. Try to know about Prisom Technology by saying, “Alexa, Open Prisom Technology”.

<>Technology Stack<>
Node JS, AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Email Service

OnGuardian’s development team can help your organization accelerate it’s journey into Ambient Computing with Amazon’s Alexa Technology and Echo devices.  Reach more clients, improve your employee experiences, and take advantage of industry leading assistive voice technologies to expand your services.

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