User Guide – Registration and Setup

OnGuardian Caregiver Support – User Guide

Set up your account

  1. Download our app from:


  1. Log In with Amazon


Securely connect with Amazon.  To use OnGuardian, you must have an existing Amazon account, OnGuardian uses your existing Amazon user information to provide the most secure login process.  We do not have access to your passwords and the whole login process is handled directly by Amazon.


If you do not already have an existing Amazon Account, you may create one here:


  1. Register your caregiver support team

IMPORTANT: The initial registration should be done by the primary caregiver.  The primary caregiver will be able to manage the care team and is the main contact in the group.

Step 1.  Primary Caregiver Information

Step 2.  Care recipient Information

Step 3.  Add any additional secondary caregivers


Please note:  You must user the email address associated to each user’s amazon account since everyone will log in with Amazon


Once you are done adding your team, you will get a registration complete notification.


  1. Enable the OnGuardian Skill in your Alexa App


Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Search for the OnGuardian Skill and enable it

Step 3. Link your amazon account to the skill


Note:  If your care recipient has an Amazon Alexa device, please make sure you have enable the OnGuardian skill on their Alexa app as well.


You may repeat this step for any other caregivers who want to have access to the OnGuardian skill.


  1. You are all set, and ready to start using OnGuardian.



Please contact our support team if you have any questions or difficulties at









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